You want Kenya banned, fuming Mwendwa calls out opponents

Football Kenya Federation (FKF) president Nick Mwendwa has hit out on his opponents saying they’re not interested in elections, but are courting a ban by the world football governing body FIFA.

On Saturday, Mwendwa was the only FKF presidential candidate to submit his nomination papers before the Electoral Board, with his challengers giving the one-day exercise a wide berth.

Gor Mahia Chief Executive Officer Lordvick Aduda, Mwendwa’s predecessor Sam Nyamweya and one Sam Mburu are still waiting the outcome of the case before the Sports Disputes Tribunal (SDT), in which the federation is seeking orders to bar the Sports Registrar from stopping elections on grounds Sports Act of 2013.FIFA

Former Vihiga County Governor Moses Akaranga, is reportedly out of the race following the long lingering turbulence of the electoral code that started way in November 2019.

“Those people challenging us had questions with the Electoral Board, which we changed. They also wanted public participation which we also did. They are now saying the SGM (Special General Meeting) that we did to pave way for the repeat elections was wrongly convened. They are also saying they have issues with the constitution. What they mean is that we kill the whole process, we start afresh.

“Simply, no matter how many times you repeat, even 10 times, they will still go to court. They are not into elections. The only thing they want is Kenya to be banned!”

The tough speaking Mwendwa insists from the instructions of the SDT in December last year, the federation has complied fully.

“We have adhered to everything that was required of us, and today we are here again to present our nomination papers for myself and my running-mate Doris Petra. We will not tire to deliver for football what it desires and the change that we ushered in four years ago,” underscored the 40-year old IT specialist.

Mwendwa, whose four-year term ended on February 10, is counting on the massive support from his ‘Team Blue’ allies, who in the repeat elections nomination process, overwhelmingly won the branches and National Executive Committee slots unopposed.

“As you know the last week or seven-ten days we had branch nominations going on, and 35 out 45 Counties were Team Blue unopposed. Six positions in every County, 35 counties of them unopposed. So as we speak to you, this will be an academic exercise together in office. They are already in office way ahead of us. That is the reality of football today – that in 35 Counties our Team Blue has no opponent, presented to the board, passed and won.

“Out of the 10 positions for NEC members, only three were contested. The Women Representative position, the Nyanza position and the Upper Rift position. The rest are as well unopposed. That tells a story by itself that politically our team has done very well,” explained the federation boss.

If the SDT finally orders the Sports Registrar to allow FKF to go on under the current constitution without necessarily conforming fully with the 2013 Sports Act, then Mwendwa will automatically be declared the winner on March 27, the day set for the national election.

If the opposite applies, FIFA is expected to pronounce the way forward as the March 30 deadline given to conduct the elections will be already be in the past.

The presidential hopefuls opposed to Mwendwa have also hinted they will give their next step once the SDT rules.