Stakeholders implore government to allow football return

Newly elected FKF county branch Officials Hamisi Mwakoja (Kwale), and Allan Muhando (Kakamega), have called on government to fast track a return to football.

Football still stands suspended since March 2020, when the first case of Covid-19 was reported in the country.

The new county bosses noted that the suspension on sporting activities has not only affected those who depended on it economically, but also poses a risk to youth who may resort to engaging in vices.

“Kenyans are eager for a return to football. The Covid-19 pandemic is with us, but football also has to go on, as it is a source of livelihood to many,” said Mwakoja.

“If we continue holding back without considering return to football strategies, then we risk sinking our football economy,” added the Kwale County Branch chairperson-elect.

On his part, Kakamega County Branch Chairperson-elect Allan Muhando was critical of  the double standards imposed by politicians in campaign rallies, who disregard Covid-19 protocols while staying tight-lipped on the reopening of the economy.

“Our Covid-19 situation in the country, right now, seems to be evolving positively,” noted Muhando.

“If you look at our politicians moving around, assembling masses without any regard for Covid-19 protocols, you wonder, why are they not allowing us to go back to the pitch legally?” implored the newly elected Branch boss.

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