Odhiambo returns for Lionesses duty

Kenya Lionesses head coach Felix Oloo has named the final squad to travel to Tunisia for the Rugby Africa Women Sevens solidarity camp. Fly half Grace Odhiambo returns to the squad which will be captained by Philadelphia Olando. “We have a profiling system that helps us rank players based on their positions, the fly half position has three players, Sarah Oluche, Grace Adhiambo, and Ann Gorety. “After evaluating their skills, Sarah was first, Grace second and Gorety third. So the first two players in this position made the cut,” Oloo told KRU. Odhiambo said she is grateful to join the squad. “It’s a great feeling being back in the team, I had really missed my teammates, and being back in the setup is something I have been really looking forward to. I hope to have an impactful effect on the team when we face Tunisia and Madagascar in the next two weekends.” The tournament will run for a period of ten days with two tournament weekends and will play against Tunisia and Madagascar in a round robin format. Oloo added that the squad has improved after playing in the Madrid and Dubai Invitational series. “This has been one of the best training camps we’ve had this year and I believe there will be improvements in Tunisia. There’s a tremendous improvement in fitness as well as their recovery and I am very positive that we will fly the flag high in Tunisia. “Having a referee at the camp has also been very beneficial to us because as we were training he was able to advise us on the areas we need to work on and the areas where we’re executing perfectly. “NOCK also scheduled a mental health session with the team and this has played a big role in building the team’s morale at the camp,” he said. Lionesses Squad: Philadelphia Olando, Sheila Chajira, Christabel Lindo, Enid Ouma, Leah Wambui, Terry Ayesa, Janet Okello, Sarah Oluche, Grace Adhiambo, Stella Wafula, Cynthia Camilla, Sinaida Aura, Diana Awino, Celestine Masinde. -Material sourced from KRU website

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