KHU rolls out veterans’ league to ignite interest

KHU rolls out veterans’ league to ignite interest

The Kenya Hockey Union (KHU) has introduced a first ever Masters league competition for players aged 40 and above.

Sikh Union won the inaugural four-team tournament which consisted Defense Forces Veterans who were runners up, Parkroad Veterans and GI Blue Veterans.

The Defence Forces Veterans’ squad is made up of retired and serving military personnel and have incorporated some police officers as well as a few civilians.

According to Denis Owaka, who plays for the Defense Forces team and doubles up as Butali Sugar Warriors head coach, the start of the master’s league was a KHU initiative to rekindle hockey interest across both old and younger generation.

“The masters league was introduced so that it helps revive hockey interest to the younger generation, this means if they see 40,50,60-year olds are still playing hockey then it gives them morale to love and play hockey,” explained Owaka who led Butali to retaining their KHU title.

Owaka says the league also helps hockey become one big family with the completed league bringing together fans from different age groups.

The experienced tactician has assured that there are plans for ladies’  and different veterans’ groups; 35-40 years, 40-45 and 45 years and above.

The initiative goes in line with the Fédération Internationale de Hockey (FIH) which also introduced Masters league worldwide and Interestingly, in the Netherlands there is a hockey league for 80-year olds.

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