For Minishi and Green Commandos, a painful divorce

For Minishi and Green Commandos, a painful divorce

“I feel bad. Like a mother who carried a baby for nine months only for it to be taken away at birth,” a downcast Oliver Minishi said, still struggling to accept his separation with the famed Green Commandos.

The immediate former Kakamega High School Principal Oliver Minishi says parting ways with his beloved school football team is the cruelest reality he has to contend following his transfer to Nanyuki Boys.

And it’s easy to understand him. Green Commandos had just made history as the first Secondary School to earn promotion to Kenya’s second-tier football league before Minishi was shipped out thanks to the Government’s reshuffle on school heads.

The school has for long been a conveyor belt of young talent, feeding the country’s top leagues with an endless stream of new talent gifted players thanks to a cultivated footballing culture.

Now, Kakamega face the daunting task of balancing sport and academics having sailed into the unchartered waters of the National Super League (NSL). Unfortunately for Minishi, he will not be there to experience it.

“I said to myself that a student who goes through Kakamega and has the right talent should be able to employ himself by being a pro football or rugby player. It’s been a fantastic two decades and I feel bad it’s over,” Minishi told Citizen Digital.

Minishi who has been part of the Kakamega fraternity for 22 years, 11 of those as the principal, says his only contribution now is to remain the Green Commandos’ biggest fan.

“I will support them with my everything; ideas, finances…whatever may be required. It’s a baby I gave birth to and I must see it grow. I know it’s going to be hard especially because they do not have a sponsor but I know they’ll do well,” he added.

Minishi says he ensured students balanced education and sports by persuading teachers and students to understand that not all students are academically gifted.

The administrator added he may not be able to make a similar impact at his new school since he is due to retire in the next one and half years but is happy to just lay the foundations.

“I have begun to create a culture and this year I have created the culture of drama and  this year they will do a play. He added”

Minishi who is also an exceptional drama director and producer helped Kakamega into winning 13 national football championships.

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