Dire consequences of K’Ogalo winning CECAFA

Dire consequences of K’Ogalo winning CECAFA

So Gor Mahia wants to win CECAFA? No, forget wanting. Even KMKM wants to win. K’Ogalo actually looks a strong favorite to win this year’s CECAFA Kagame Cup. I know you are there thinking that’s fantasy. I’m excited at the prospects of Gor Mahia winning. Ok, I’m already living in the future. It is Sunday the 2nd of August 2015; the day Gor Mahia is meeting anyone at the CECAFA Final. Let’s say it is AZAM FC, no I’ll use Yanga. Yes, them again!

Should Gor Mahia make it to the Finals, I’m obviously seeing a bigger number of Kenyans trouping to Dar Es Salaam to cheer k’Ogalo, to witness, take souvenirs and say I was alive when Gor Mahia dared to dream in Dar. I’m actually seeing Queen Anne, yes she of Devolution, allowing the beautiful NYS buses to ferry these enthusiastic Kenyans to Tanzania. Yes, I know Anne. She loves Kenya that much!

Added to the raucous Simba FC fans that perpetually support anything and anyone against their archrivals Yanga, the National Stadium in Dar will witness the greatest football enthrall ever. It is Sunday already, the day of the Finals. Inside the stadium the atmosphere is electric, the fans are singing their voices sore, tension is high, excitement infectious and the arena is a kaleidoscope of colors.

Moments after kickoff and Michael Olunga, the new hero in town, has sent a raucous shot rippling the net. Baba is up doing his trademark jig wearing his ear-to-ear smile of a laughter while Pombe Magufuli, the future President of Tanzania, is diplomatically applauding. But wait…

Does Gor Mahia really want to win CECAFA? Let’s take a prudent leap into what may happen should that trophy land at JKIA on Monday the 3rd of August.

First, winning that trophy will mean the financially handicapped Gor Mahia may not keep its top players for next season. Unless some miracle happens Godfrey Walusimbi and Meddie Kagere whose contracts run out at the end of this season are almost but sure to leave. With our broke backsides how are we going to keep Boniface Oluoch, Olunga, Khalid Aucho, Innocent Wafula and our two fullbacks? Lord help us!

The Tanzanians are already showering our players with money and their jerseys. Simba fans the other day showered Michael Olunga with Tsh.300, 000 to try lure him to wear the red jersey. Ha! That’s only 15k in Nairobi. Can barely afford you rent for an SQ for a month. Simba is even reported to be preparing a $20,000 bid for the Kenyan International. That’s Sunday School offertory!

But Olunga’s agent Ghost Mulee, commentating live matches on Supersport TV, is punctuating every line with the boy’s name even when opponents are raiding. Marketing, we call it on these streets!

Michael Olunga is now East Africa's most sought after player with reports in Tanzania that Simba are preparing a $20K bid. That's pocket change in Kenya
Michael Olunga is now East Africa’s most sought after player with reports in Tanzania that Simba are preparing a $20K bid. That’s pocket change in Kenya

The other problem of winning CECAFA trophy would be Coach Frank Nuttall. We risk exposing Coach Nuttall to the hawk-eyed African football administrators always out to fire and hire coaches at will. Many critics have dismissed him as a PE teacher but they don’t know his pedigree. Even if they knew now they’ll recognize him more should he lift the region’s biggest football prize. I’m thinking the Briton may be on his way out as well.

Football Kenya Federation elections are here and with ‘Nyamweya Must Go’ calls getting louder by the day, who knows! Gor Mahia Chairman Ambrose Rachier may land at JKIA with the CECAFA trophy on that Monday afternoon and declare his interest on Uncle Sam’s dear seat. Lord come down!

Look, should Rachier declare his interest to unseat Uncle Sam, I think this time he stands a better chance to get it. Uncle Sam so far has no opponent, a serious opponent and Rachier may just be that man. He’s more believable now than in 2011.

And there lies k’Ogalo’s problem. What is Gor Mahia without this man Ambrose? He is not only the club’s chairman. He loves Gor Mahia. I know he has sacrificed a lot for Gor Mahia to be where it is today. He has knocked every office literally begging, even from some quarters that conservative Gor Mahia fans would not, just to keep k’Ogalo afloat. And now the thoughts of losing him to the murky federation politics are just unimaginable.

Gor Mahia Chairman Ambrose Rachier looks the only man who can put up a real challenge to Sam Nyamweya's position at FKF
Gor Mahia Chairman Ambrose Rachier looks the only man who can put up a real challenge to Sam Nyamweya’s position at FKF

Hey Tom, so what do we do? Lose the trophy to keep our coach, players and chairman? Of what use are good players without a trophy? Naaaaah win the damn thing, bring it home, let’s dance, brag around the city and be happy if only for a moment.

I think should we win this trophy the happiest man will be CECAFA Secretary, the ever cocky Lord Nicholas Musonye. Not really about Gor winning but just to give him that rare chance to look Uncle Sam in the face and tell him “You refused to buy them air tickets? Look who’s laughing now. In ya face!”