Celebrity kick boxer Golola to light up Kasarani tourney

East and Central kickboxing champion, Moses Golola, will be the star among a cast of several other kick boxers expected to participate in the upcoming boxing competitions that will be held in Kasarani on October, 15.

Golola – who is Uganda’s most celebrated kick boxer – is famed for his ability to not only thrill his spectators with jaw-dropping moves in the ring but also his entertaining behaviors that include comical utterances.

This is not the first time the self-proclaimed Ugandan hero is visiting the country, having trained in Kenya on several occasions and made a number of trips to the country on unofficial duties.

Among his most famous lines include:

“I have to tie myself up before going to bed; I might kill myself while sleeping.”

“When a car runs me over, it gets injured instead.” And “I am the only man who can look at a woman and she gets pregnant.”

He further claims that at birth he never cried like other children do but in turn slapped the nurse who cried instead. This attributes have helped him to popularize the sport of kickboxing in Uganda and helped him to attract more fans.

“My comic behaviors help me build a connection with my fans, it makes people get attracted to me and feel happy watching me fight which in turn motivates me. The jokes define my personality.

“I have been coming to Kenya since I was young and being our neighbouring country, I used to pass through here while traveling to Dares salaam. I sometimes visit my friends here so for me it feels like home. It feels nice to be back and this time for competitions. The coaches around here are good and it gives me more joy given this will also be my first international,” Golola told Citizen TV.

He arrived a week ago for the competitions that will bring together fighters from across the globe, including East and South African countries.

“I began my serious training last week for what I consider to be a major boxing combat for me since different countries are set to participate and am happy to get such an opportunity. This will help enhance cohesion in East Africa and therefore the main purpose of participating in this competition is to show the young generation the essence and need of participating in fighting,” Golola said.

“There shall be a variety of tournaments in the competition including thigh boxers, full contact and 4-men fight tournament and thigh fight which I will participate. I have fellow fighters from Uganda who will join me to participate in the other competitions,” he added.

-Vast experience-        

Golola has vast experience in kickboxing and this is just among the many competitions he has taken part and he is worried no more about the one ahead of him.

“I have taken part in almost all the categories of kickboxing including the K1 fight where am currently the world champion and the full contact where am also best at. Am going to fight against a middle weight opponent from Tanzania who has been training all through in Thailand unlike me who has been training in Kenya,” he claimed.

He began his profession as a kick boxer a number of years back and has developed and gained popularity and expertise overtime. He has participated in Thirty one fights in his career, lost three and won more than 20 fights.

“I began kickboxing through passion; as a child I always dreamt of being a boxing champion and looked up to the then champions in Uganda including Mugabi “The Beast” among others. They acted as a motivation to me and spurred me on to work my way up to where I am now. I began boxing as an armature in the late 90s where I fought up to the National level and so, therefore, I have been in the boxing career for the last fourteen years. However, my popularity grew after my fight against Japheth Kasega in Zanzibar in 2006 where I lost.”

He is planning to launch a boxing academy with the support of the Ugandan government which will help to train the young talented and ambitious boxers.

“I met the Ugandan President on one occasion and told him to support the sport. I gave him the proposal for the academy whose ground I have already set up.

“I‘m looking to nurture young talents including sports like taekwondo, karate. Africans are naturally strong in physique and it’s only a matter of how to find these young girls and young boys,” he concluded.