At just 23, Makewa is carving his niche as a top notch basketball referee

At just 23, Makewa is carving his niche as a top notch basketball referee

Meet Collins Makewa, the youngest basketball referee in Kenya.

At just 23, Makewa is already registered and certified by the Basketball Federation of Kenya as a national referee and officiates in league games.

At such a tender age, he is already making a name for himself in the game he so much loves.

“I love the game so much but because I could not play I decided to get into officiating and my father helped me in this journey,” he told Citizen Digital when we caught up with him in Nyeri.

Collins says he is so much accustomed to the game and he is at home taking charge either as an centre or as an assistant referee .

But despite his love for the game and the strides he’s made, Colins says that like in every other sport or venture, challenges are plenty.

“Yes, there are challenges moreso relating to my age and size. I’m not too big and my young age does not make things easier as some coaches try to intimidate me but you see I’m  not alone; we are always three in the field so that makes it a little easier,”he charged.

Makewa hopes that in future he can further his studies on refereeing and be able to officiate in international matches.

“My goal is to grow and be involved at the world stage.”

Makewa hopes that by taking the challenge and making  a name in the discipline, he’ll be able to inspire others to pursue their interests, adding that age should never be a hindering factor in pursuing one’s dream.


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