Woman who owned snakes found dead with 8-foot-long python around her neck

Woman who owned snakes found dead with 8-foot-long python around her neck

A 36 year old woman was found dead with an eight foot long python around her neck in Indiana, U.S.

First responders say that they received a call Wednesday night after Laura Hurst was found unresponsive.

”Medics arrived and attempted life-saving measures on her but were unsuccessful,” CNN said.

Police say that they found 140 snakes at the home owned by Sheriff Donald Munson, a senior police officer.

Reports indicate that about 20 of them belonged to the deceased.

Speaking to Lafayette Journal and Carrier, Munson described the incident as tragic saying that he would be cooperating with the police to get to the bottom of the matter.

It is reported that no one lived at the home as it was modified for the specific purpose of keeping snakes.

Sergeant Kim Riley of the Indiana State police said that the deceased had gone to check on the snakes when she died. An autopsy will be done to give an official cause of death.

Th reticulated python found on Hurst’s snake is said to be the longest in the world and is said to have its natural habitat in Southeast Asia. They thrive in tropical areas near the water

According to National Geographic, there are very few incidences of a python attacking human beings and most of them are as a result of mishandling them as pets.

Pythons are said to have a life expectancy of 25 years and feed mostly on birds and mammals the size of antelopes or smaller.

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