We’ll deal firmly with inciters, President Kenyatta pledges

We’ll deal firmly with inciters, President Kenyatta pledges

President Uhuru Kenyatta has warned that the Government will deal firmly with those out to threaten Kenyans over politics.

The Head of State, who was speaking on Thursday in Mombasa, said the Government will not stand by and watch politicians incite wananchi to fight each other because of politics.

“There is no need to risk the lives of Kenyans because of petty politics,” said President Kenyatta.

Kenyatta instead challenged politicians to avoid insults and embrace mature politics that will give room for people choose their leaders without coercion.

“We have no time to quarrel with anyone but to implement development projects which will uplift the lives of all Kenyans,” he added.

The President added that when the season for politics comes he will move around the country asking for votes peaceful from wananchi and urged all political leaders to learn to respect each other by selling their policies peacefully.

President Kenyatta who also launched projects among them Buxton footbridge, Bamburi Storm Water drainage and High Mast Floodlights and Ziwa la Ng’ombe informal settlement improvement project also urged the people of the Coastal region to guard against people who are out to disrupt the existing peace and harmony, saying the region largely depends on tourism which cannot thrive in instability.

While affirming Jubilee Government’s aim to ensure the country moves forward peacefully and all Kenyans live together in harmony, Kenyatta said the opposition is out to hoodwink Kenyans with empty promises but Kenyans are enlightened and will not buy into their lies.

Kenyatta was accompanied by MPs Hezron Awiti Bollo, Gonzi Rai, Peter Shehe, Khatib Mwashetani, Masoud Mwahima, Mombasa politician Suleiman Shahbal and former Kisauni MP Ananiah Mwaboza among others.