‘We have defeated them before, we will do it again!’ Raila hits out at BBI critics

‘We have defeated them before, we will do it again!’ Raila hits out at BBI critics

Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) party leader Raila Odinga has now lashed out at political leaders opposing the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) terming them as anti-reform elements.

Raila, speaking on Friday during an ODM National Executive Council (NEC) meeting, said the BBI critics also opposed the 2010 constitution, adding that they have no principles to stand on.

“We must get ready to take the battle to the anti-reform elements that are lining up to stop the nation from moving forward. These anti-reform forces are not new, they’re the same ones that opposed a return to multiparty democracy; the same ones who opposed the push for constitutional reforms in the 1990s; the same ones who opposed the new constitution in 2010; the same ones who opposed the unity of purpose between President Uhuru Kenyatta and myself; the same ones who are opposing the war on corruption,” he said.

The former premier also hit out at Deputy President William Ruto in a thinly veiled attack accusing him of traversing the country distributing money allegedly gotten through ill means and sowing seeds of disharmony among Kenyans.

He hence urged the ODM members to pull up their socks and strengthen the party in readiness for a gruesome 2022 campaign battle.

Raila vowed to his supporters that he would however trample the so called “anti-reform elements” saying he already beat them before.

“…because they have no conscience, no ideals, and no principles that they’re ready and willing to live and even die for, they have always benefited from the truce of what they opposed and they see no contradiction. We have defeated these forces before, I promise you, we will defeat them again,” said the opposition party chief.

“To be victorious, you need synergy and unity of purpose among all our party organs and branches and greater coordination with our members and supporters across the country. We must strengthen our party at the grassroots and recruit more…we must activate and strengthen the youth and women leagues of the party for the contest ahead.”

He added: “We must stay focused and refuse to be distracted by those who fear reforms. Those dark forces are already working hard to cause fear and disharmony among our citizens. They’re corrupting our people with stolen money and are beating the drums of war; all in a bid to scuttle change. We must stop them from dragging the country into anarchy. We must forge new alliances and strengthen existing ones with the aim of getting the country to move forward.”