Wajir Governor Mohammed Abdi Mohammud faces another ouster bid

Wajir Governor Mohammed Abdi Mohammud faces another ouster bid

Members of the Wajir County Assembly have filed a motion to impeach their Governor Mohammed Abdi Mohammud over claims of corruption, abuse of office and incompetency.

Governor Abdi’s reign has been dogged with controversy after he spent almost two years in and out of court over a case challenging his academic papers.

There were allegations he doesn’t have a degree as the law requires and the case that went all the way to the Supreme Court.

And now 33 out of 49 MCAs have filed a motion to impeach the Governor: the motion has already gone through the first reading on the floor of the Assembly.

The Governor has been notified to appear before the Assembly on Tuesday, April 28, to defend himself before the MCAs.

This even as another petition against the Governor was filed at the Senate, seeking for him to be found unfit to hold office.

The Senate Committee — led by Homa Bay Senator Moses Otieno Kajwang — is handling a petition by Mr. Osman Idris Mohamed, a resident of Wajir County.

He argues that Governor Abdi should not be allowed to hold any public office.

According to Wajir Senator Dr Ali Abdullahi, nothing is working in the county and the committee needs to save residents from the Governor’s reign.

“We have been to almost every office in this country with this complaints… Once we complain, the governor does what he does best, compromising the officials,” Ali told the committee.

Nominated Senator Farhiya Ali, also a resident of Wajir County, wants the Senate to put in place measures to protect the petitioner who is apparently fearing for his life.

However, members of the committee said it is important to listen to all sides and asked the petitioner to provide evidence proving the allegations that he is making against the governor.

The committee agreed to continue pursuing the petition despite the filing of a motion seeking to impeach the governor saying the two processes are independent.

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