Waiguru: ‘There was no need for machine-gun carrying policemen to get my cheque book! ‘

Waiguru: ‘There was no need for machine-gun carrying policemen to get my cheque book! ‘

Kirinyaga Governor Anne Waiguru has blasted the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission after raids were conducted at her homes and offices early Thursday morning.

In a strongly worded statement, Waiguru lashed out saying she was shocked to be woken up by a battery of fully armed officers raiding her house to ‘look for evidence on imprests’.

“There is therefore nothing you can look for in someone’s house to evidence imprest management. Indeed, and EACC can confirm, the multi-person search, complete with police toting machine guns elicited only one document from my official residence and from from my house in Nairobi – My cheque book. This could have been easily availed with a simple request,” she said.

The Kirinyaga County boss said all documents related to her investigation had been presented to the anti-graft agency and also for the Senate hearings on her impeachment.

She said they include original passports showing exit, movement and entry into the country; imprest application documents showing amounts applied for; IFMIS print outs showing amounts received; tickets for all trips undertaken; cancellation letters where applicable; deposit slips for funds reimbursed where trips were cancelled; personal bank statements and surrender documents to finance.

Waiguru also decried Ksh.22million figure cited by the EACC saying during the impeachment proceedings, the allegations were that there had been irregularities amounting to Ksh.10million.

“Why do they see the need to shore up numbers?” she posed.

According to her, the EACC raid is part of a grand scheme to shape the 2022 succession politics of Mt Kenya and to detract Kenyans from allegations against other people on corruption allegations.

She described the raid as a ‘decoy’ to detract people who have been asking questions about how public monies have been spent.

“I have been here before. I have been used as a decoy before. The plot failed then and it will fail now. Wild allegations are thrown around only to come empty of even the basic proof,” Waiguru added.

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