Waiguru offers to unite Mt. Kenya region

Waiguru offers to unite Mt. Kenya region

Kirinyaga Governor Anne Waiguru has offered to unite the Mt. Kenya political bloc which appears to be facing a fallout as leaders from the region pull in different directions ahead of the 2022 elections.

Speaking in Murang’a County, Waiguru said political leaders from Mt. Kenya should come together and iron out their differences instead of disintegrating and accusing the President of sidelining the region, which is his political backyard.

“We want to come together first as people from Mt. Kenya region. And if others have failed to bring our people together. I commit to being that person. We will sit together, listen to your views and forge a way forward for the remaining three years,” said Waiguru.

“May it be on roads, water, electricity or any other issues, we will then forward this to President Uhuru Kenyatta. And that is what leaders should do. You go present your grievances to the president. But we cannot go complaining about the president every time something goes wrong.”

The Kirinyaga Governor was speaking during a pro-handshake rally held by women leaders under the Embrace movement last weekend.

Waiguru stated that since President Uhuru Kenyatta has secured a peaceful political environment for the country through the handshake with Opposition chief Raila Odinga, all elected leaders should focus on development for the remaining three years.

“Political matters do not always turn out as planned… Even President Uhuru had to ask for a handshake from the opponents so that our people can continue peacefully. He did so out wisdom so that the next three years our people can do their businesses without interference,” she said.

And in what she termed as the Murang’a declaration, Waiguru said President Kenyatta, being the region’s de facto leader, should be the one to give direction on who the Mt Kenya region will support in 2022.

“Our people, is there anyone else who truly understands our plight as Mt Kenya more than President Uhuru Kenyatta? Can we really say that we will abandon President Uhuru Kenyatta for someone else?” posed Waiguru

“Let us agree as Mt. Kenya people to be unified and speak in one voice. We have enough leaders of our own, and where we have gone wrong, please tell us but not to destroy our house.”

She added: “People who are not united are easily defeated and that is how we are, right now as the house of mumbi… Let us start supporting our leaders for our own benefit.”

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