Waiguru inspects Wezesha Kirinyaga Projects, says BBI to boost county development

Waiguru inspects Wezesha Kirinyaga Projects, says BBI to boost county development

Kirinyaga County Governor Anne Waiguru on Thursday inspected several development projects in Ndia Constituency where she interacted with farmers benefiting from Wezesha Kirinyaga economic empowerment program.

The governor, who visited Mkulima Bora Poultry Group, said that the egg production project which was launched in March 2020 is going on well and farmers are making extra income from it. She said that her administration is this financial year expanding the project to 45 more community interest groups to increase production.

The poultry project, that is currently being implemented by 32 community groups benefiting about 1,000 households produces one million eggs a month, all of which are sold through Kirinyaga Investment Development Authority.

The governor said that farmers will be supplied with improved Kienyenji chicken that are less susceptible to diseases. She added that to further encourage diversification of farming activities in the county, her administration is piloting pig production with 20 community groups which will be supported with piglets and feeds.

She said that the program will be extended to more farmers upon successful piloting and a pig slaughter house constructed for them.

Avocado farmers will also be given 100,000 seedlings this year to increase production while an avocado processing factory is set to be built. She said that the agricultural projects will create many employment opportunities for the youth.

At the same time, Governor Waiguru said Kirinyaga residents are hopeful about the gains that the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) proposals will bring to them citing support by farmers who will benefit from the additional county allocation. Kirinyaga County will get an allocation of Ksh.8 billion up from Ksh. 4.8 that it currently receives.

Kirinyaga County Assembly on Tuesday unanimously passed the BBI.

The governor, who also visited proposed site for construction of Kariani Bridge, highlighted key development milestones that her administration has achieved in the last three years. She said that a lot of work has gone into improving the county’s health facilities, the rural roads network and improvement of urban areas as well as the early childhood and technical education sector.

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