U.S-based woman claiming to be late Nyachae’s wife emerges with 47-year-old son

U.S-based woman claiming to be late Nyachae’s wife emerges with 47-year-old son

A U.S.-based Kenyan woman claiming to be a wife of the late Mzee Simeon Nyachae has emerged with a 47-year-old son claiming they were kicked out of his Monday burial ceremony.

Margaret Kerubo Chweya told the press on Tuesday that she was left an orphan after her parents died while she was still a child, saying the situation forced her to hustle her way up until she was employed by the government in 1973.

Kerubo said in 1973 she met Nyachae who was by then working at Jogoo house in Kisii and they soon kicked off a friendship that turned into a romantic relationship.

According to the 65-year-old woman, they sired their first child – Rodney Nyachae, who accompanied her to the presser – that same year before the second – Nyandusi Nyachae – followed six years later.

Afterward, she alleged, the former Cabinet Minister facilitated her move to the U.S where she continued with her studies.

Kerubo added that she travelled back to Kenya in November last year to see Mzee Nyachae after learning that he was sick.

However, she alleged that she was blocked from seeing him due to COVID-19 restrictions hence she left for him photos of their grandchildren at his office before heading back to the U.S.

She further stated that Mzee Nyachae’s assistant is the one who informed her of his demise, upon which she flew back to the country arriving on Sunday but was barred from entering his home.

On Monday, she stated, she attended Mzee Nyachae’s funeral service at the Gusii Stadium after which she followed the body back to his home in Nyosia where the late former minister was to be buried but was allegedly chased away by the deceased’s eldest son Charles Nyachae.

Kerubo has now condemned the treatment she says she received, demanding that the children she allegedly sired with Nyachae be recognized and bequeathed their rightful share of his property, failure to which she will proceed to court.

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