UoN to deregister students who have ‘overstayed’

UoN to deregister students who have ‘overstayed’

The University of Nairobi (UoN) Senate will on March 22, 2021, commence the deregistration of, among others, students deemed to have overstayed at the institution.

UoN Deputy Vice Chancellor of Academic Affairs Prof. Julius Ogeng’o, in a memo released on Monday, said the Senate had in a meeting held on August 26, 2020 approved Guidelines for Student Progression, 2020; in which Section 2.7 provided for termination of students progression and deregistration.

He said that, pursuant to Section 2.7.2 of these Guidelines, at least four categories of learners will be deregistered.

These are: those whose studentship has expired; those whose studentship has been terminated by expulsion or discontinuation, in accordance with the respective rules and regulations; those with unexplained failure to transit to the subsequent level; and those who interrupted their studentship by temporary withdrawal, deferment or suspension.

“Students who need assistance, more information and/or further clarification may contact their respective Deans / Directors; Director Graduate School; or Academic Registrar,” he stated.

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