Uhuru’s bodyguard gets sloppy on the job

  President Uhuru Kenyatta’s bodyguard let down his guard while on duty embarrassing the president during his reception in South Africa on Thursday. Uhuru almost lost his balance on the red carpet after a bodyguard assigned to open his door got sloppy and let the door hit the president. Mr. Kenyatta however took the hit and did not miss a step as he buttoned his coat and proceeded to meet President Jacob Zuma who was waiting for him. President Kenyatta made his official visit to South Africa on Thursday in his first foreign trip since he was sworn-in for a second term. The president held bilateral talks with his counterpart Jacob Zuma, in the Indian Ocean city of Durban centered on pan-African issues. The two leaders deepened bilateral cooperation especially in the areas of trade, security, and infrastructure development.

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