Uhuru refutes Raila’s misuse of public resources claims as campaigns hot up

Uhuru refutes Raila’s misuse of public resources claims as campaigns hot up

President Uhuru Kenyatta has refuted the claims that he is misusing public funds to fight for his re-election for the second term – this coming just a day after NASA flag bearer Raila Odinga made the allegations during a National Elections Conference.

Uhuru termed Raila’s statement as mere political propaganda, adding that the Opposition was fronting such claims out of desperation.

“They are spreading propaganda against us” he said, adding: “ they have realized they are going to retire in August. Our opponents will remain were they are as loyal opposition. Jubilee will continue to govern and transform the lives of Kenyans.”

Speaking as he started the Western Kenya leg of his campaign tour, Uhuru told voters to shun propaganda and vote for real change.

“There is a big difference between those who will sell to you propaganda and people who will sell to you real agenda for change,” he said.

On Tuesday, Raila accused Jubilee of using state machinery and government funded projects to drum up support for Uhuru’s re-election bid.

He faulted Cabinet and Principal Secretaries – who are public servants – for taking part in Jubilee’s vote hunt.

“We have seen the government using its record in office and public funded projects as campaign tools for Jubilee. We have seen Cabinet Secretaries and Principal Secretaries, who are paid by tax-payers, deployed to campaign for the Jubilee Party, “said Raila.

These statements come in the wake of the launch of the much publicised Standard Gauge Railway – a project that Jubilee-allied candidates have used as an example of Jubilee’d development agenda.