Supreme Court denies delaying Wajir petition verdict

Supreme Court denies delaying Wajir petition verdict

The Supreme Court has dismissed claims that it is deliberately delaying the determination of an election petition challenging the election of Wajir County Governor Mohamed Abdi Mahamud.

In a press statement issued on Monday, the apex court said the ruling will be delivered by Thursday, February 21 when the 90-day timeline, within which the verdict should have been delivered, will lapse.

The Supreme Court termed the alleged delay as part of “inaccuracies and falsehoods” being circulated on social media and sections of the mainstream media.

“While it is not the practice of the Court to respond to each and every falsehood published against it, having now delivered Judgments in 24 out of the 25 election related appeals filed in the second half of 2018, the need to dispel any fears of a deliberate move to delay the Judgment in the above appeal is imperative.

“The Court would like to inform Counsel and Parties to note that the Judgment in the matter will be delivered well before the 21st February, 2019 and it is obvious that at no time has the Court deliberately delayed its hearing or determination,” reads part of the statement issued by the Registrar.

The petition was filed by Mr. Ahmed Abdullahi Mohamad on September 6, 2017 challenging the declaration of results in which Mr. Mohamed Abdi Mahamud was declared the winner.

The High Court, as the election Court, delivered its Judgment on January 12, 2018 in favour of Mr. Ahmed Abdullahi Mohamad.


Governor Mahamud was dissatisfied with the judgment and he moved to the court of appeal where his case was later dismissed on April 20 last year.

Mahamud, once again dissatisfied with the Appellate court’s judgment, filed an appeal before the Supreme Court on May 7, 2018.

The Petition of Appeal was then heard on November 21, 2018.

“Under Rule 20(1) of the Supreme Court Rules, a Judgment was to be delivered within 90 days from the date of hearing meaning that the Court, in the present case, has up to February 21 to deliver its Judgment,” said the Supreme Court.

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