Unlicensed TV wedding shows face Ksh. 100,000 fine

Unlicensed TV wedding shows face Ksh. 100,000 fine

Ezekiel Mutua has said wedding shows on television that are not licensed will pay penalties of up to Ksh. 100,000 or face a five-year jail term.

According to him, YouTube content produced in Kenya and not indicated as private, is also illegal.

“The mode of taking the film is not the issue but the content and the target audience. KFCB does not regulate content meant for private consumption,” he said.

This comes even as popular bloggers raised criticism over the new rules that were announced through a paid advert in the local dailies on Wednesday.

KFCB advertisement
KFCB advertisement

Top Kenyan makeup artist Kangai Mwiti, popularly known as BellesAfrica, commands a huge following of over 104,000 on YouTube.

Renowned radio personality Caroline Mutoko, who recently joined the platform, already has over 53,000 followers.

“Some people are trying hard to twist the message in this advert. The message here is principally targeting local and international film makers,” Mutua said.

KFCB chairman Ezekiel Mutua with two American producers Ernest Napoleon and Cameron Miller at the Cannes Film Festival in France on May 17, 2018. Photo/COURTESY

Mutua added that the rules are not new but are pegged on  a 1962 law.

Mutua posted a series of tweets on the issue after a majority of popular YouTube bloggers criticised the introduction of fines and jail terms for those not adhering to “his rules”.

He also lauded President Uhuru Kenyatta’s signing of the Cyber-Crimes Bill 2018 into law.

“Those who thrive on abusing social media to malign others are in for a rude awakening…We must not build a society of indiscipline people who malign others on social media for sport,” he said.

The self-declared moral policeman is in the Cannes, where the Rafiki movie that he banned, featured prominently at the renowned festival.

Rafiki was banned after the commission realised that the movie featured lesbian scenes that Mutua says are contrary to Kenyan practices.

Wanuri Kahiu, the movie’s producer, however received a standing ovation alongside her two lead actresses when she appeared for the festival in Cannes last week.

On his part, Mutua said the Board only backs producers who adhere with accepted Kenyan standards.

“These two gentlemen, Ernest Napoleon and Cameron Miller, have embraced Kenya and Africa and are committed to supporting films that promote African culture and values,” he said.



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