‘Stop finishing breast milk for children,’ Tanzanian men told

‘Stop finishing breast milk for children,’ Tanzanian men told

Men competing for breast milk with babies, a craze that began in Uganda, appears to have spread to her immediate neighbor Tanzania.

Handeni District Commissioner Toba Nguvila, who talked to the media after the recently concluded breast-feeding week, brought the issue to light.

The commissioner said men breast-feeding has stood out as a severe concern while meeting women during the week, which is normally commemorated between August 1 and August 7. 

“Jambo ambalo limeibuka ni kuwa kina mama kulalamika kwamba wa-baba wananyonya mazima,” Nguvila said  

According to the commissioner, the vice derives from a misguided assumption that breast milk improves sexual performance, which has left children in some areas severely underweight, spouses defenseless, and men hungry.

“Jambo hilo linatokana na imani kuwa maziwa haya yanaongeza nguvu fulani,” the commisioner told Millard Ayo TV

While unusual, the practice of men drinking breast milk is not new. Milk competes with drugs in the dark parts of the internet and is preferred by people on a muscle-building regimen.

Women are not asked if they want to feed their partners; the partner simply initiates it and interprets silence as agreement, according to a University of Kent study done in Uganda, which warns against it.

When asked if he was concerned that the mother would become exhausted or that the infant would not receive the milk it deserved, one man replied, “If you feed a cow well, they produce a lot of milk.” I take good care of my wife.’

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