Sharon Otieno murder: Obado’s co-accused appeal bail ruling

Sharon Otieno murder: Obado’s co-accused appeal bail ruling

Two suspects charged with the murder of Rongo University student Sharon Otieno have appealed against a decision that denied them bail.

The two; Michael Juma Oyamo and Caspal Ojwang Obiero, argue that judge Jessie Lessit “erred and misdirected herself” in declining to release them on bail thereby violating their right and fundamental freedom.

Oyamo and Obiero, who were aides of Migori Governor Okoth Obado, want the court to set aside the said ruling and admit them to bail on reasonable terms.

The two were charged alongside Governor Obado who was released on a bail of Ksh.5 million pending hearing and determination of the case.

In denying Oyamo and Obiero bail, Justice Lessit stated that their freedom would intimidate witnesses in the case.

“There are compelling reasons not to grant the second and third accused bail at this stage. I find that releasing them may send fear, anxiety to potential witnesses therefore leading to intimidation which may adversely affect the case,” ruled judge Lessit.

The pre-trial hearing was set for February 14 next year.