Ruto the most guarded DP in Kenya’s history with 257 bodyguards – Matiang’i

Ruto the most guarded DP in Kenya’s history with 257 bodyguards – Matiang’i

Interior Cabinet Secretary Dr. Fred Matiangi has refuted claims that the security of Deputy President William Ruto has been withdrawn or downgraded.

Appearing before the National Assembly Security Committee on Wednesday, Matiang’i firmly stated that compared to all previous vice presidents and even former Prime Minister Raila Odinga, DP Ruto is the most guarded in Kenya’s history.

In an elaborate breakdown of the DP’s security formation, Matiang’i told the committee that Ruto has a total of 257 officers deployed to guard him as well as secure his residences and properties.

“Contrary to the allegations made and in view of the tabled evidence (annex land 2), H.E. the Deputy President is the most guarded in the history of the country in comparison with previous equivalent office holders,” said Matiang’i.

He went ahead to present a three-layer structure of Ruto’s security team comprising officers from the Presidential Escort Unit and various police units including GSU, DCI and Administration Police.

On the first layer is a total of 85 officers among them 74 officers from the elite Presidential Escort Unit, 5 General Service Unit officers and 6 DCI officers. The 85 officers, according to Matiang’i, are mandated to provide a 24-hour protection of the DP and are under the command of the a Commissioner of Police.

Further, there are another 121 officers, who make up the second layer and they include officers from the Administration Police Unit and Prison department. They provide a 24-hour mobile patrol within the DP’s residences.

The third layer is known as the auxiliary security and these are security personnel deployed to secure various properties owned by the deputy president.

Matiang’i told the committee that there are at least 51 officers from various police units manning various properties of Deputy President William Ruto.

In comparison to previous holders of the office being held by Ruto, Matiang’i demonstrated that all previous vice presidents had only 14 officers from the Presidential Escort Unit assigned to them yet Ruto has 74.

For the officers guarding residences of previous vice presidents, all of Ruto’s predecessors had between eight to 16 officers assigned to them while Ruto has 183.

Matiang’i said Jaramogi Odinga, Kenya’s first VP, had a total of 30 officers, Joseph Murumbi 22, Daniel Moi 34, Mwai Kibaki 26, Josephat Karanja 22, George Saitoti 30, Musalia Mudavadi 22, Michael Wamalwa 22, Moody Awori 22, and Kalonzo Musyoka 26. He added that when ODM leader Raila Odinga was Prime Minister he had 57 officers guarding him and his residences.

The Interior CS maintains that the National Police Service only conducted a reassignment of duty as far as Ruto’s security is concerned.

He added that similar reassignments have been conducted before, noting that the matter was being politicized.

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