Raphael Tuju ‘not bothered’ by calls for his resignation from Jubilee Party

Raphael Tuju ‘not bothered’ by calls for his resignation from Jubilee Party

Jubilee Party Secretary General Raphael Tuju on Wednesday addressed calls for his resignation from a section of the party members.

Addressing a press conference at the party headquarters in Nairobi, Tuju said he had “heard stories but I am not bothered” about those demanding his ouster.

Calls for Tuju to step down from the party leadership came following the recent resignation of outspoken Vice Chairman David Murathe over his utterances on 2022 succession politics.

Murathe said there was no pact that was agreed upon that Deputy President William Ruto will succeed President Uhuru Kenyatta once his second term expires in 2022.

Tuju also alluded to a slight rift within the party witnessed in recent times dismissing it as a “difference in opinion.”

Asked whether the party would take action against the rebel members, Tuju said that decision is up to the party disciplinary committee which does not answer to him.

He, however, maintained that the party programs were on course, adding that the ruling government is committed to uniting Kenyans under a shared vision of peace, progress and prosperity.

The party Secretary General also quoted a statement from DP Ruto, who is also the deputy party leader saying, “Never again will Kenyan blood be shed because of political differences.”

“This is a mission and a vision that the President, the Deputy President and the former Prime Minister have repeatedly endorsed in their pronouncements that no Kenyan should be vilified, hated, discriminated against on account of their tribe, race and gender or political persuasion,” said Tuju.

He added: “Our programs are on course including the launch of the party academy in a few months time, opening of party branches across the country… all 47 counties.”

Tuju, while responding to an inquiry on whether the party would conduct fresh elections soon, stated that contracts for the party officials currently holding interim positions will expire in 2020.

He also lauded the party leader, President Uhuru Kenyatta for being consistent and focused on the vision of Jubilee, adding that “we are ready to take the first bold step away from ethnically based politics.”