Kirinyaga prison warder accused of setting up men using his wife cornered

Kirinyaga prison warder accused of setting up men using his wife cornered

A prison warder escaped death narrowly from  angry members of public at Ngurubani market in Kirinyaga on Sunday. He had been caught in his house terrorizing two men after allegingn they had bedded his wife. ‘

He demanded a Ksh.20,000 stipend for the offenses.

Mwea-East Deputy PoliceCcommander Lucas Chebet said the prison warder Dennis Mugambi was saved by a police officer based at Tebere Police Post.

Thereafter, he was carted off to the nearby Wang’uru Police Station

Chebet said residents discovered the two victims were in danger after one of the victims called his family asking for Ksh.10,000.

‘ This prison warder is a known criminal,  he trapped Kirinyaga Deputy Governor Peter Ndambiri two years ago,  he was also interdicted ‘ Chebet said.

In 2018, the prison warder made Prime News after he set up Kirinyaga Deputy Governor Peter Ndambiri, accusing him of bedding ‘his wife’ in a video that went viral on social media.

Mr. Ndambiri had defended himself saying he had been a victim of extortion where a gang was demanding Ksh 5M from him.

He claimed that the gang had stripped him naked before recording the unsavory video.

“There is a group of gangsters targeting politicians and individuals they think have money in this country. The purpose of these gangsters is extortion, and I am such a victim,” said Ndambiri.

“I was set up by crooks who took me through a very agonizing moment and right now what matters to me most is about my family and the people of Kirinyaga who look unto me for guidance and leadership.”


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