Polygamous men from Awendo say new NHIF rules will kill marriages

Polygamous men from Awendo say new NHIF rules will kill marriages

The Union Association of Awendo polygamous which agitates for the rights of polygamous men has opposed the new radical propositions by the NHIF.

The NHIF had proposed the restrictions of beneficiaries of the health Insurance cover to a man, one wife and at most, five children.

The union of polygamous men led by their chairperson Ochieng Ondelo faulted the move,saying the NHIF should cover the entire family which includes the man, wives and children.

The men who insisted they can not reverse their marriage status said families, regardless of the number of beneficiaries are entitled to the medical cover.

The union’s chairperson argued that the new proposition by the NHIF board to limit beneficiaries of the health cover will make men with bigger families disadvantaged and possibly break homes.

Ochieng further maintained that he has so far registered his twelve children and wives with the NHIF with no plans of excluding part of his family from the cover.

On January 9, in a memo sent out to all regional and branch managers, NHIF in a raft of new changes said married individuals would only be allowed to enlist a single spouse and a maximum of five children as beneficiaries.

The memo from the acting NHIF CEO further stipulated what has been termed as punitive measures aimed at curbing defaulters, a move that spells nightmares for Kenyans in the informal sector.

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