1yr-old hospitalised after maid allegedly assaulted her in Bungoma

1yr-old hospitalised after maid allegedly assaulted her in Bungoma

A one-year-old child has been admitted at the Bungoma Referral hospital paediatric wing after the maid allegedly assaulted her.

Jenta Zawadi was admitted to the facility on Monday with severe injuries all over her body and private parts.

Neighbours who reportedly heard the child wailing are the ones who took her to the hospital. The maid who had fled from the scene has since been arrested.

Irene Atieno, a social worker at the hospital, said they received the child at midday from a good samaritan named Easter.

“The child had burns on her back, teeth bites on her stomach and blood was oozing from her private parts,” Ms. Atieno said.

The social worker added that the child looked malnourished and it seemed she had also been beaten.

However, the one-year-old is responding well to treatment.

Sharon Shiundia, the mother of the child said that she was away during the incident.

Sharon comes from Ndengelwa area in Kanduyi, but is a student in Nairobi so had asked a friend to take care of the child from September last year.

However, the friend apparently got a job out of town.

“My friend had told me she had gone for a job in Mombasa but would call often to inquire how the child was fairing on with the maid,” Sharon told Citizen Digital.

Police officers from Bungoma are the ones who informed her that her child had been admitted to the Bungoma Referral Hospital.

She said she travelled from Nairobi and was shocked to find her child in pain.

The mother has asked police to investigate the matter.

Bungoma Police County commander Francis sang said police are investigating the incident.

Report by Cheptai Namisi