Nyandarua: Mourners forced back home after court stops funeral

Nyandarua: Mourners forced back home after court stops funeral

Residents of Wendani village in Kinangop were left in shock on Saturday after a court order stopped a funeral ceremony citing a land tussle.

The family of Margaret Ngachu was slapped with the order upon their arrival at the Engineer Level 4 Hospital Mortuary where the body of the deceased was.

The Independent Church in Wendani which was in charge of the burial however went on with the ceremony despite the family returning without the body.

Citizen Digital understands the order was sought by the deceased’s step daughter- Mirriam Wangui – who claimed her step mother’s grave was lying in her piece of land illegally.

In the court document, she claims their late father had given her the piece of land and that his second wife had no right to be interred there.

She told the media that her father’s second family had attempted to take her land away by way of burying the deceased on it.

The family of the deceased however refuted the claims, saying that Mirriam had already sold the only piece of land she had inherited from their late father.

The family of the late Margret adressing the media outside the Engineer Level 4 Hospital after learning the burial could not proceed as planned. Photo: Matheri James.

Speaking to the media about the turn of events, they claimed the cancellation of the funeral ceremony which had been planned for nearly two weeks had left them counting huge losses.

Mirriam had switched off her phone, throwing all attempts at reaching her for a resolution into untold futility.

After mourners went home, the family covered the grave with iron sheets awaiting a possible resolution.

The family covered the grave with iron sheets after the mourners left. They now await the decision of a court case on February 5. Photo: Matheri James

A court case on the matter will be heard at the Engineer Lawcourt on February 5.