Normalcy returns to Nairobi slums

Normalcy returns to Nairobi slums

Normalcy has returned to Nairobi slums, Mathare and Kibera, following eruption of violent protets after the electoral commission announced President Uhuru Kenyatta the election winner on Friday night.

Speaking to journalists at his office, Nairobi County Regional Commander Bernard Leparmarai said that normalcy has been restored in Mathare and Kibera and refuted reports that police officers used excessive force to put down protests in the slums.

“People are moving on with their lives and I urge Kenyans to wait for investigations to be conducted to establish if any police officer violated the law in their line of duty. The officers were not using live bullets, instead they were using teargas and water cannons. The police are here to serve Kenyans not to work against them,” Leparmarai said.

The Nairobi police boss also cautioned Kenyans against posting inaccurate information on social media, saying that the government is committed to ensuring that normalcy is restored.

“Elections come and go, and we have to move on. Kindly go back to work we want to ensure that people go on with their lives because the election period is over,” Leparmarai urged city residents.