NASA protester shot in Homa Bay during anti-IEBC demos: PHOTOS

NASA protester shot in Homa Bay during anti-IEBC demos: PHOTOS

A boda-boda rider was Friday shot by police during anti-IEBC demos in Homa Bay County.

Emmanuel Konduto, 32, sustained serious injuries on his right thigh and right knee after he was hit by a rubber bullet at Sofia estate where anti-riot police officers were repulsing protesters who had barricaded roads in the town.

Konduto was rushed to St. Pauls’ Mission Hospital.

Emanuel Konduto, 32, at St. Pauls’ Mission Hospital.


Confirming the incident, Homa Bay County Police Commander Marius Tum said his officers resorted to taking the action after the protesters decided to provoke police in the area.

“I had advised my officers not to use live bullets in quelling the protests. I wanted the demonstrators to picket peacefully but they decided to attack police officers using stones and other crude objects,” said Mr Tum.

An ODM youth leader, Oloo Gor, who rescued the injured boda boda rider said he found Konduto helplessly abandoned by the roadside and rushed him to St. Paul’s Mission Hospital.

“We had to take him to the hospital because he was bleeding profusely,” said Mr Gor.

Doctors attending to Emanuel Konduto at St Pauls’ Mission Hospital.

National Super Alliance (NASA) supporters in opposition political strongholds in Nyanza, Western, Nairobi and Coast took to the streets on Friday to protest as advised by their leaders.

The Raila Odinga-led NASA coalition declared it will be holding weekly protests, every Monday and Friday until IEBC heeds to its ‘irreducible minimum’ demands.

The opposition has vowed there will be no October election unless the electoral commission meets their demands.

Some of the demands include firing and prosecution of top IEBC officials accused of bungling the August 8 presidential election as well as cancellation of tenders issued to Al Ghurair and OT Morpho for the supply of ballot papers and election technology system respectively.