Nandi Governor Stephen Sang up in arms over his security detail

Nandi Governor Stephen Sang has criticized the Interior Ministry over claims that his security detail has been withdrawn.

Sang said police officers attached to his office and home had been recalled.

”It is absurd for the Ministry of Interior to withdraw my security on account of my actions to recover and protect public property,” he said.

According to him, the move is aimed at curtailing his efforts in helping the public.

He however remained adamant that this would not deter him even though he deserves adequate security like any other leader.

He suspects that it may be linked to the situation involving County Executives, MCAs and Kaburet squatters over invasion of land in Kapsimotwo where a cattle dip was located.

It is alleged that Kibwari Tea Company took over the land and demolished the facility then went ahead to plant tea.

This compounds his troubles as he is currently battling a court case where he is accused of leading the invasion of Kibwari Tea estate.

He was arrested on June 9 this year and charged over destruction of the estate in Nandi hills.

The hearing of the case is set for September 19, 2019.

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