Mudavadi presides over launch of Women in Safety Excellence association

Mudavadi presides over launch of Women in Safety Excellence association

ANC Party leader Musalia Mudavadi has urged Parliament to expedite the enactment of the two-thirds gender rule to address issues revolving around gender inequality in the country.

Mudavadi, who was speaking on Thursday during the launch of the association of Women in Safety Excellence (WISE), pointed out that it is only women who can best champion their concerns.

“There still exists gaps that must be addressed in Kenya. We in the Amani National Congress have and shall continue supporting the two-thirds gender rule. I urge Parliamentarians  to expedite regularising the two-thirds gender rule,” he said.

He added: “The government and private sector should work closely with Women in Safety Excellence in embracing their concerns.”

Mudavadi also emphasised the need for more scrutiny of the annual budgets for defence and interior as far as the role of women and the impact of those funds is concerned.

Women in Safety Excellence (WISE) is a premier women in security association with members from the
private and public security sectors.

“The association’s main objective is to advance women’s leadership in peace and security by advocating for more visibility spaces for women in security and inspiring the next generation women leaders in security to pursue a career in security,” said Monicah Kimeu, the association’s Secretary General.

“This unique association brings together all the women leaders in national and regional security for the purpose of demonstrating excellence, standards and peer to peer engagement in essential services of security for the nation of Kenya.”

Women from as far as Ethiopia, Ghana, Israel, Somalia, USA and UK attended the launch virtually.

Women working in the security sector were encouraged to register as members of Women In Safety Excellence (WISE)