MP Raphael Wanjala in court for risking Ababu’s life

MP Raphael Wanjala in court for risking Ababu’s life

Budalangi Member of Parliament Raphael Wanjala was on Monday arraigned in court for allegedly causing chaos during a public function attended by Foreign Affairs Chief Administrative Secretary Ababu Namwamba on Friday last week.

Appearing before Busia Chief Magistrate Martha Nanzushi, Mr. Wanjala and four others were charged with endangering the lives of passengers who had boarded a plane in Sigiri among them Mr. Namwamba and his transport counterpart Chris Obure.

Mr. Wanjala, who was arrested on Saturday, was also charged with causing chaos during the event to inspect the construction of the Sigiri Bridge, while his co-accused faced an additional count of assaulting and injuring a police officer.

They denied the charges and were released on a Ksh.700,000 bond or Ksh.400,000 cash bail.

The hearing of the case was set for August 22, 2018.

Wanjala is alleged to have incited his supporters to block Namwamba from accessing the dais but police dispersed the rowdy youth. The youth would later pelt the helicopter carrying Namwamba with stones.

Speaking after the fracas, Wanjala accused Namwamba of interfering with his job saying; “when he (Ababu) was MP for 10 years, I never went to any of his development projects; we could only possibly meet in funerals. I want to ask him that I now have the mandate to perform and deliver for the people of Budalangi.”

Namwamba, however, brushed off the incident as village drama saying, “I’m playing politics in Washington DC, New Delhi, Pretoria. I cannot leave the globe to come and start engaging in village issues.”


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