Magoha: Keep burning schools, you’ll sit exams under trees

Magoha: Keep burning schools, you’ll sit exams under trees

Kenya National Examinations Council (KNEC) Chairman Prof. George Magoha has scoffed at the ongoing school unrest saying the exams body will administer national exams under trees in case the students burn all schools.

Prof. Magoha was speaking at Kisumu Girls High School on Tuesday in the company of Education CS Amina Mohammed during a tour to access the situation in the Nyanza region that has experienced the highest cases of student unrest.

The KNEC boss said the examinations body would not be intimidated by the ongoing student unrest that has seen over 10 schools closed with majority of them being arson cases targeting dormitories.

“The examination is very secure; it has been set, it will be seen on the morning of the examination. So stop burning schools or doing all these tantrums, we’re not going to be moved,” said Magoha, who noted that the 2018 KCSE examinations were ready and safely kept.

“If you like burn more, we will administer those exams under trees, but we’re not going to be intimidated by acts of hooliganism because it’s 3 months to exams and normal students should be studying now and getting prepared, not diverting our attention by burning schools.”

He stated that the continuing wave of strikes in schools was worrying, further urging students to use the remaining duration to concentrate in revisions and preparation for the examination.

“I can’t understand why three months to the exam you start burning schools. Don’t waste your time. My advice to the students is only one; please complete the syllabus,” he said.

Magoha added that the examination would be fool proof, saying no student will find an avenue of cheating.

Schools that have been hit by the recent wave of unrest include:

On Tuesday, Education Cabinet Secretary Amina Mohamed said three students had been jailed and 125 others arrested following the recent wave of unrest that began last month.