‘Linturi had to take mursik and for the sake of my marriage, I also tasted miraa,’ Kitany tells court

‘Linturi had to take mursik and for the sake of my marriage, I also tasted miraa,’ Kitany tells court

In intricate details revealed in court, Maryanne Kitany on Wednesday sought to prove that her marriage to Meru Senator Mithika Linturi was legitimate and she was not ‘a visitor’ as he alleged.

According to the former chief of staff at the Deputy President’s office, Linturi officially married her three years ago in a traditional ceremony.

“On February 14, 2016, we were in Meru and Linturi took me with his friends to a hotel and had lunch there and this is where the idea of going to Nandi came up. I was happy because for once we were going to formalise the marriage and had put money and emotions together,” she told the court.

Linturi reportedly visited the home a few months later and was asked to confirm that it was Kitany that he had come to pay dowry for. He allegedly responded in the affirmative.

“I was asked to sit down and I sat next to my mother…When the discussions begun, Linturi was asked whether he was married to another woman. He then produced a document indicating that he was divorced. He said he was not married,” she added.

The court heard that the ceremony involved both Nandi and Meru customary laws.

“They were asked for cows and paid it in Ksh. 100,000 cash. Linturi also mentioned that he had other gifts for my mom but was told he will give the gifts outside the house. The cash was given to my uncle who represented my father,” Kitany said.

“The elders then confirmed that the marriage was done and I could now be called Linturi’s wife. I was officially declared Mrs. Linturi,” she added.

“Women of course celebrated and brought mursik… even though he does not love milk, he had to take that mursik… For the sake of my marriage, I also tasted miraa,” Kitany continued.

“The discussion were successful and that’s why the food was served,” Kitany added.

After the ceremony, Kitany said they left together for Eldoret and the following returned to Nairobi. Kitany further narrated how she began to play her role as his wife.

“I made sure he was well groomed, slept well ate good food and did all the functions a wife was supposed to so. I was not under any duress and he was happy introduce me to his friends and relatives as a wife,” she said.

An application seeking to have the court summon the registrar of marriage and births was also presented in court on Wednesday.

The ruling on the application will be made on August 28, 2019.

According to Kitany, it was not until January this year that Linturi claimed that he was still married to Mercy.

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