Lawrence Warunge’s mother had broken arms, autopsy reveals

Lawrence Warunge’s mother had broken arms, autopsy reveals

Ann Wanjiku, the mother to Lawrence Warunge who is suspected to be behind the macabre killings, had broken arms, the autopsy has revealed.

According to Chief Government Pathologist Johansen Oduor, she is the only one who appeared to have tried to block the attacker.

“The other victims seemed to have been caught off guard,” Dr. Oduor said.

He was speaking on Monday at the Kenyatta Memorial Funeral Home where a team of homicide detectives and relatives of the victims spent the better part of Monday.

The autopsy exercise took close to seven hours before Dr. Oduor emerged with the findings.

Dr. Oduor explained that chances are very high that there was one attacker.

“If they were more than one, the weapon used was similar but I think it was one person from what I have seen,” he said adding that all the injuries were similar.

The postmortem results also revealed that the knife which was used to commit the act had similar dimensions.

Nicholas Warunge (the suspect’s father) and Christian Njenga (brother) are said to have suffered the most injuries.

“When I look at the injuries they look similar and from my observation it is most likely the weapon used was used on all victims,” Dr. Oduor said.

He added that: “All of them died because of multiple injuries which are caused by blunt and penetrating trauma and also significant loss of blood.”

The family of James Kinyanjui, the construction worker who was killed alongside Warunge’s family are demanding for justice.

They say his death is a big blow to the wife and two children as he was the sole breadwinner.

The late Kinyanjui is to be buried on Wednesday in Gachie while the extended Warunge family has set the burial for Saturday.