Laikipia: Four police officers injured in suspected bandit attack

Laikipia: Four police officers injured in suspected bandit attack

Four security officers attached at volatile Laikipia Nature Conservancy are nursing gunshot wounds after they were attacked while at their camp on Friday night.

The officers were attacked by suspected bandits who have been hiding inside the conservancy and are believed to be behind a series of livestock thefts within the neighbouring villages of Laikipia.

During the 10p.m. attack, one of the officers was shot on the cheek near his left eye, while two others escaped with leg injuries.

The fourth officer sustained chest injuries.

Three officers are now recuperating at the Sipili Maternity and Nursing homes while one was referred to another hospital for specialized treatment.

Bernard Kinyua, a clinical officer at the health facility recounted how they were called in to help rescue the patients.

He said the officers are responding well to treatment and may be discharged soon.

Two weeks ago another officer was shot and killed by suspected bandits within the same ranch as cases of insecurity continue to be reported in areas such as Kamwenje, Wangwachi, Kieni, Matuiku among others as livestock raiders storm the villages and steal animals, which the drive towards the conservancy where they hide.

The bandits are said to be heavily armed and are also reported to be targeting uniformed officers as they commit their heinous criminal activities.