12 Kisumu county askaris suspended for dragging woman by vehicle

12 Kisumu county askaris who dragged a woman by a vehicle on Wednesday morning have been suspended. Governor Anyang’ Nyong’o said he was saddened and shocked following the arrest and mishandling of the trader by the city’s enforcement officers. “As investigations continue on this matter with the urgency it deserves, I have directed the City Manager to immediately SUSPEND FROM DUTY all the Officers who were involved in this incident with immediate effect, until the conclusion of the on-going probe on the matter,” he said in a statement. The Governor stated that all County enforcement officers must carry out their duties while fully respecting human rights of wananchi. He also stated that residents should also respect the city’s regulations and the Rule of Law. “I will continue to update members of the public and our traders on this matter even as I wish the injured Lady a quick recovery,” he said. There was uproar on social media after the video of the woman being dragged by the speeding vehicle emerged. https://twitter.com/philipogola/status/1374678877105229828?s=21 Dr. Stellah Bosire said on Twitter: “I cannot even begin to understand what these city askaris from Kisumu were thinking about dragging this peasant hawker on a moving vehicle! Her only crime was hawking. We honestly cannot have our mothers who are trying to make ends meet be treated like this!!! Imagine it’s not right and can never be right anywhere on this earth!!! I can’t even tag the Kisumu leadership here because it’s too sickening!” Shillah Simiyu added: “First they make us poor, then declare poverty a crime. Kenyans are just trying to survive under the very harsh and humiliating economic conditions imposed on them. Last week, we were told that things are worse in Europe..smh..does such also happen there?” Muniko Charles said: “Her only crime was trying work hard. In kenya, if you’re hardworking, the state punishes you.” “Problem is that the other askaris will go do the same or worse to another person because after all, no action will be taken against them. This perpetuates impunity!” said Aluoch Odongo.

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