Kind cops Amina Mutio Ramadhan and Ibrahim Abajila awarded TVs, gift vouchers

Kind cops Amina Mutio Ramadhan and Ibrahim Abajila awarded TVs, gift vouchers

Two police officers who were spotted helping Kenyans as they enforced the nationwide curfew on Friday received gifts for their act of kindness.

The two– Amina Mutio Ramadhan and Ibrahim Abajila–were gifted with television sets and gift vouchers from Naivas Supermarket.

“Going beyond retail by rewarding Amina Mutio Ramadhan and Ibrahim Abajila with Vision Plus Kenya TVs and gift vouchers for their exemplary service,” the tweet from Naivas reads.

Officer Ramadhan—who is based at the Embakasi Police Station in Nairobi—told Citizen TV that she has been a cop since 2003.

She began her career as a General Service Unit (GSU) officer but was later transferred to the traffic department at the Embakasi station.

During an interview for the Mwanamke Bomba show, officer Ramadhan narrated what happened on the first day of the nationwide curfew.

This after a photograph went viral on social media: it showed her helping a woman and her child caught in the melee that resulted from enforcement of the curfew.

“Mimi nilikuwa kwenye harakati zangu za kazi ile barabara ya bypass mahali panaitwa Utawala junction. Kuna basi ilifika na wakati huyo mama alishuka, alikuwa ameshtuka sana kutokana na wasiwasi…wengine walikuwa wanapiga kelele na wengine wanakimbia,” she told Citizen TV’s Mwanahamisi Hamadi.

According to the officer; the woman left her luggage, picked up her baby and began to run towards the road.

Officer Ramadhan said she was greatly concerned and rushed towards the woman who seemed to be even more scared perhaps thinking she was about to be arrested.

However, the officer intimated that she managed to pull her aside, calm her down and escorted her back to the bus to pick up the luggage she had left behind.

“Nikampa ruhusa akampigia bwanake ambaye alifa kumchukua. Bwanake akaja akamchukua na wakaelekea nyumbani,” Officer Ramadhan added.

The officer’s kind gesture stood out as reports continued to emerge of Kenyans being beaten or shot to death allegedly by police officers enforcing the curfew.

The curfew is part of stringent measures by the Government to curb the spread of coronavirus.