Kidero under fire as Sonko, Kenneth running mates bash him

Kidero under fire as Sonko, Kenneth running mates bash him

Nairobi Gubernatorial running-mates on Thursday, July 27 engaged in an informal public debate hosted by Citizen TV to explain to city residents why their candidates should be voted in the August 8 polls.

Senator Mike Sonko’s running-mate, Polycarp Igathe, called upon the electorates to vote for the Senator, as they want to do a better job than what the incumbent Governor Evans Kidero and his deputy, Jonathan Mueke, have done since 2013.

According to Mr. Igathe, the Sonko-Igathe team has centered its policies on reclaiming Nairobi as a clean and green city under the sun, a safe and secure place for residents, a more habitable and hospitable area with adequate educational and health facilities and creating job opportunities.

On his part, Peter Kenneth’s running-mate, Dan Shikanda, accused the current administration of failing Nairobi residents, saying that service delivery in the city has deteriorated since the advent of devolution in 2013 when it was supposed to improve.

“We have seen where Nairobi was when services were delivered to people, systems used to work and they have deteriorated, this is why we chose to run for governorship with Kenneth to change and transform this county and reclaim our previous glory,” said Shikanda.

However, incumbent Deputy Governor, Jonathan Mueke, defended Kidero’s first term in office, saying that they were faced with a stumbling block of a mismanaged county in the pre-devolution period and eliminating the menace of cartels in the city.