Kenyans up in arms over decision to deport Chinese man in slur video

Kenyans up in arms over decision to deport Chinese man in slur video

A Chinese man who was captured on video using derogatory language to describe Kenyans has been arrested and is to be deported.

According to the Immigration Department, Liu Jiaqi will be deported on grounds of racism.

“Chinese National by the Name Liu Jiaqi who was captured on video yesterday (Wednesday) using abusive words has been arrested. His work permit has been canceled,” the department said on Twitter.

In the video, the Chinese man is heard abusing Kenyans and claiming he does not even want to be in the country but is only here to make money.

When asked why he did not choose another country to operate from, he does not answer.

A section of Kenyans however said the planned deportation of the Chinese national is not sufficient considering that he also used racist terms against the President.

Ekuru Aukot, a Kenyan lawyer who vied for presidency last year said on Twitter:

“I disagree. He must first be jailed and then deported later after jail time and his company be blacklisted in Kenya.”

He added: “This racist Chinese, Liu Jiaqi, must first feel the weight of Kenyan law before he is deported. He must be sent to Kamiti maximum prison first. Deporting him first before jail weakens our own law and amounts to a big treat to him,” Aukot added.

Erica Clement echoed Aukot’s sentiments saying: “If a Kenyan abuses Uhuru Kenyatta he would be jailed. Why should a Chinese man abuse our president and he is flown comfortably home? Fred Matiang’i This is the attitude of most Chinese. We must grow our economy and shield it from neocolonialists. We are not respected coz we beg,” one Erica Clement said on Twitter.

One Mary Jabulana posed: “Matiang’i, how do such even get visas. We are sacrificing our dignity for loans. He should meet the same fate as a Kenyan who would utter the same froth in China.”

Micah Nyabiba Asamba said: “If it is in our laws that when a foreigner commits a crime he is deported, then our legal system is crooked. And who pays for the cost of deportation? This guy deserves kamiti atutengenezee viti.”