Kenyan universities cry foul over report on unapproved degrees

Kenyan universities cry foul over report on unapproved degrees

The Commission for University Education has said that there is no cause for alarm for students whose universities have been listed offering unapproved degrees.

CEO Mwenda Ntaragwi said the report is based on input they received from the affected universities last year.

Tom Mboya University College in Homa Bay County is one among many institutions of higher learning in the country that earned a spot in the list of institutions offering unapproved courses.

According to the report by the commission, Tom Mboya University College led the list with 25 unaccredited courses out of the total 37 courses offered in the campus a figure sending jitters among students.

“We need to be addressed on this matter it should not be taken lightly,” said one student.

“We will boycott this classes, it affects everyone, my family, and those who pay fees for me,” said another student.

According to the institutions’ management, the courses being offered are in line with their mother- institution, Maseno University.

“All these courses being offered are under Maseno University,” said one lecturer.

Other institutions in the mix include: Garissa and Alupe universities which have 10 unapproved courses each and Kenya Highlands Evangelical University with 7 unapproved courses among others.

The key courses out of the 133 courses listed include: bachelors of commerce, bachelors of Science and Bachelor of Arts in development. & policy studies among others.

The CUE maintains that there are no useless courses and that the report is based on the state of some of the institutions.

“Some pf these places have more students than the capacity they gave us, the lecturers…..,” said Ntarangwi.

The big question however is why it took the commission this long to point out the issue, given that some of the courses have students currently in their third year of study.

“This is an ongoing process. I cannot promise when but if it not approved it will be later, we are in conversations with these institutions,” said Ntarangwi.

This is however not the 1st time the issue of unapproved courses has aroused debate in the country, putting students whose future at the moment remains uncertain through pressure.

Here is a list of other affected universities;

Affected Universities        Unapproved courses


  1. Garissa University 10


  1. Alupe University 10


  1. Kenya Highlands E. Univ. 7


Courses Listed

  1. Bachelors of Commerce


  1. Bachelors of Science


  1. Bachelors of Arts in Devt. & Policy Studies