Kenyan families of Ethiopia airlines crash victims to sue Boeing

Kenyan families of Ethiopia airlines crash victims to sue Boeing

Eight Kenyan families have so far sought legal representation from a consortium of lawyers as they seek to have Boeing held liable for the death of 36 Kenyans.

The move comes amid reports that Ethiopian airline pilots had initially used Boeing emergency procedures before the crash that left 157 people dead.

The lawyers among them Murang’a Senator Irungu Kang’ata and U.S-based lawyers including aviation law expert Carlos Velasquez have met the eight families who want Boeing and Ethiopian airlines held liable.

“If you can prove negligence that is it , when you look at preliminary reports it appears the crash and the one that happened in Asia there is a correlation and we can use this against the manufacturer,” said Kang’ata.

“As the case progresses, we will be able to make progress but DNA results is not a deterrent as the’re logs to show who was in that plane,” said Laban Opande – US Attorney.

While the lawyers fear that Boeing may have required Ethiopian airlines to sign forms absolving them of liability, the advocates indicated that they will mainly rely on evidence from the ongoing investigations and leverage on precedence given that a similar airplane lion air crashed months ago killing all passengers and crew.

“This  is a path we follow in ensuring that those who are liable …like the case against the manufacturer and those involved in case,” said Carlos Vesaquez -US attorney.

Three and a half weeks after the incident, lawyers across the world are also firming up cases against Boeing for compensation of families who lost their kin.

Cases against Boeing will be heard in a Federal Court in Chicago where Boeing has its headquarters and it is expected to take a period between 18 months and 2 and half years.