Kenyan doctors perform first ever KNH weight loss surgery

Kenyan doctors perform first ever KNH weight loss surgery

Doctors at Kenyatta National Hospital(KNH) conducted a successful bariatric surgery on May 7.

It is the first ever weight loss surgery performed by Kenyan doctors.

“50percent of his stomach was removed, 10kgs lost to date and he is expected to lose 60-70percent of his weight in 3 months,” KNH said.

The patient, John Muthama Kiarie, is said to have had excessive weight for the last 10 years.

He weighed 176kg with a Body Mass Index (BMI) of 59.5 kg/m2 which is classified as Class 3 (high risk) obesity.

Muthama is said to have tried to cut down his weight on several occasions but was unsuccessful.

The surgery involved several doctors including a nephrologist (renal), cardiologist, nutritionist, psychiatrist and neurologist.

KNH said it took several days to prepare for the 1½-hour operation.

Speaking to journalists after the operation, KNH CEO Dr. Evanson Kamuri said 15percent of Kenyans suffer from obesity and more than 100 of them travel abroad for treatment.

Dr. Kennedy Ondede, the lead surgeon, said there are many types of weight reducing surgeries which are bypass surgery, banding and balloon.

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