KANU leaders tell Baringo residents to punish MCAs who rejected BBI Bill

KANU leaders tell Baringo residents to punish MCAs who rejected BBI Bill

KANU party leaders now want Baringo residents to punish MCAs who rejected the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) driven Constitutional Amendment Bill 2020 by not re-electing them in the next General Elections.

Speaking in Njoro, the KANU leaders led by party boss and Baringo Senator Gideon Moi termed reasons given by some of the MCAs to cause chaos and reject the BBI Bill as lame.

Confusion still however reigns as to whether the BBI Bill 2020 was shot down or not after being tabled at the Baringo County Assembly.

Those opposed to the bill say the law was followed to the letter and the tabled document was shot down, but those in support of the document say it still has to be tabled since an illegality was committed.

Teargas was thrown into the chamber moments before the Speaker declared the results claiming that 30 MCAs rejected the Bill in comparison to 11 who were in support.

The turn of events now has KANU leaders seething with anger, and calling for all MCAs opposed to the bill to be ousted at the next polls.

“Wacha mimi ntaingia iyo Baringo, ni ma MCA wamekataa, lakini si kusema kwamba raia wamekataa. Watatuona huko saa ile tunapitisha hiyo kiu mbele mbele, tutaenda huko groundwork na watajua,” said Rongai MP Raymond Moi. “Na mimi nawaambia wote wa Baringo, wale ma MCA walikataa hiyo kitu, 2022 fagieni hao yote waende nyumbani.”

Senate Majority Leader Samuel Poghisio, on his part, stated: “MCAs wa Baringo jana walipiga kura kwa hasira, na leo wanalaumiana, karibu wanapigana.”

The leaders drummed up support for the document saying even if it is rejected in Baringo, majority of Kenyans will support it at the referendum.

“Poleni sana Baringo…other counties are giving time for public participation, Bringo County and the MCAs did not give raia chance to listen and to hear what is in the document,” said KANU Secretary General Nick Salat.

“Siwezi kusema ati niko katikati…you’re either Yes or No…toka useme uko No na sisi tuko Yes, tunyoroshane hapa kwa kiwanja ya wananchi,” added party chief Gideon Moi.

Those familiar with the Rift Valley politics say BBI has led to a hot division between the supporters of Deputy President William Ruto and Gideon Moi; both of whom are most likely seeking the presidency in 2022.

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