Kabando: Waititu is the hero of the day

Kabando: Waititu is the hero of the day

Mukurweini MP Kabando wa Kabando has lauded Kabete MP Ferdinand Waititu for his actions last weekend when he led a group of youths in raiding bars in his constituency.

Kabando was speaking on the Power Breakfast show on Citizen TV where he hailed Waititu’s courage in tackling the illicit brew menace, saying that those who make it seem like Waititu’s actions are illegal are wrong.

“How can being courageous be illegal?” he posed saying that Waititu is the hero of the day because the time for debate is now over.

The legislator said that it was time everyone took responsibility for the situation.

“It is our responsibility to save a generation,” said Kabando.

The MP blamed politicians for the rampant cases of drug and substance abuse, saying that during campaigns politicians buy youths illicit brew while soliciting for votes.

He clarified that illicit brew was unlicenced and had added harmful substances in order to make it more potent and addictive.


He intimated that the people behind the trade in illicit brew have deep pockets and had many powerful connections in government, adding that the war against illicit brew is not an easy war.

“The people who peddle drugs and guns control governments,” he said.

During a meeting on Wednesday with the president, leaders from central Kenya suggested that a special police unit be formed to tackle drug and substance abuse, particularly in the Mt Kenya region.

He also cited impunity within law enforcement as a challenge in the fight against illicit brew.

About Nacada, the MP said that they had lost faith with Nacada in the war against drugs.

He intimated that there was a unanimous decision that Nacada be disbanded for failure to deliver results.

“To give this war impetus we have to have a radical surgery, disbanding institutions that have not made any headway,” he said.


He added that Jaguar’s assertions about corruption within Nacada are long overdue, saying that the role of the board is to provide leadership.

He outlined the process of eradicating illicit brews, which includes rehabilitation of addicted individuals whom he called victims.

The MP also stated that in the long run there would be multi-sectoral committees set up to fight the vice.

He said the committees would comprise of the clergy, community leaders and politicians who will aid in the fight against illicit brew.

“Drug abuse is a serious problem in Kenya as it threatens to wipe out an entire generation,” said the MP.

He said it was disheartening to see hundreds of young men doing nothing all day but pass bhang joints and drink illicit brew then die or become unproductive.

He further added that those peddling drugs and ilicit alcohol will start recruiting the media to slant stories and make the fight seem illegal, but he promises to soldier on anyway.

This comes just a day after President Uhuru Kenyatta directed the Members of Parliament from Central Kenya to lead the war against illicit brews in their constituencies.

In a directive issued when he met MPs, Senators and Women Representatives from Central Kenya at State House on Wednesday, the president also revoked all licences of bars and other outlets selling second generation brews in the region.


President Kenyatta said the fight against the illicit brew would begin in Central Kenya because it is the most affected.

“We cannot allow this (sale and consumption of the illicit brews) to continue”, said the President.

The president further directed the launch of a campaign to rid of killer brews in the region.

The campaign will be spearheaded by General Service Unit (GSU) commandant Joel Kitili in close collaboration with the MPs who will report their progress to the President on Tuesday when they convene again at State House.

“As elected leaders, you know where and who is behind these brews. My phone will be open 24 hours this weekend. Call me when you need me.”

President Kenyatta mandated the MPs and other stakeholder to move from door to door closing all outlets selling illicit drinks and destroying those in the process of manufacturing and sale the drinks. Also Read: Kabogo hits out at Waititu over bar raids