Homa Bay County Assembly Speaker impeached for ‘mistreating’ MCAs

Homa Bay County Assembly Speaker impeached for ‘mistreating’ MCAs

Homa Bay Assembly Speaker Elizabeth Ayoo has been impeached after a protracted and bitter battle with the county MCAs.

Her Thursday morning removal followed a motion moved by Ruma Kaksingri Ward MCA Ellyphalet Osuri that accused Ayoo of among other things; lack of Integrity and leadership skills as stipulated in Chapter Six of the Constitution.

In a sitting that saw all members present vote in favour of her removal, the seemingly irate MCAs accused the Speaker of allegedly discriminating and mistreating Assembly members and staff.

Other grounds of her impeachment were; Incompetence in discharging her duties as Speaker and the alleged stealing of the Mace – the symbol of authority from the Assembly.

Ayoo is also accused of frequent adjournments of house sittings, something the MCAs termed as unprocedural.

On October 17, Ayoo reported to the DCI in Homa Bay that her life was in danger after she was allegedly physically attacked by a section of MCAs during a session.

The embattled Speaker further alleged that the attack might have been an attempt to kill her so as to replace her in the Assembly.

On Tuesday, October 15, Ms. Ayoo was attacked using chairs and bottles of water by some MCAs who were unhappy with how she was presiding over the House proceedings.

She was accosted while reading a report from the ODM party about changes in the county assembly leadership including the office of the majority leader.