He’s my son! Woman whose child was abducted 14yrs ago insists

He’s my son! Woman whose child was abducted 14yrs ago insists

A family from Nakuru has finally seen a ray of light at the end of a 14 year spell of darkness during which they have been searching for their missing son.

The family convened in Kisumu on Friday for DNA tests, after finding a boy who fit the bill as regards the son they lost as a two year old back in 2005.

Hellen Atandi, the alleged mother, was gripped with anxiety at the government’s chemist lab in Kisumu as she awaited the arrival of a special guest, one she believes to be her son, who was snatched from her in 2005 when he was only a two year old toddler

Kuna mama alituletea house girl alafu saa kumi na moja jioni vile nilitoka kuenda sokoni, nikirudi nikapata mtoto na huyo msichana hawako,” narrated Hellen.

She reported the matter at the Kisii Central Police Station and carried on with efforts to locate her only son, until she could search no more.

She abandoned the search in 2007, but the trauma of losing a child left an open wound in her heart, one that refused to heal

This was until an anonymous call came in October of this year, she promptly followed the lead, carrying on the search from where she left.

Tulichukua picha, mtoto alikuwa mazingira mabaya yenye ata kama ni 14 years mtoto amekauka juu vile unaweza kosa kukula vizuri mtoto alikua anakaa tu vibaya,” said Hellen.

It is the culmination of these events that saw the boy, and his supposed mother brought to the government chemist’s office in Kisumu on orders issued by a court in Kehancha, Migori County.

Hellen says, whatever the outcome, the seemingly unkempt boy should be taken in by the concerned government agency.

Ata kama itapatikana ati mtoto si wangu, wachukue tu ata akae kwa childrens home aki ata mimi ntaendelea kutafuta yule wangu na nitaona ni kama mungu amenisaidia nipate huyu pengine mamake atakuja kumpata badaye,” said Hellen.