Gun drama as man threatens Wavinya’s son in court

Gun drama as man threatens Wavinya’s son in court

Drama unfolded in the Machakos High Court on Monday after a man pulled out a gun and allegedly threatened the son of former Kathiani MP Wavinya Ndeti.

Wavinya and her son were in court for the hearing of a petition she filed challenging the election of Machakos Governor Alfred Mutua.

After the court adjourned the session until 3pm, a commotion arose during the break with Wavinya saying one of the officers from Governor Mutua’s side had brandished his gun and threatened her son.

Police had to intervene and whisk away the accused man.

Wavinya and the son have since recorded a statement at the Machakos Police Station.

According to Wavinya’s laywerDan Maanzo, the gun drama issue is being followed up and the suspect may soon be brought to court on several charges.

Maanzo further noted that it was illegal for the officer to carry the firearm in court.

Meanwhile, Justice Aggrey Muchelule on Monday ruled that the petition against Dr. Mutua should proceed to full hearing.